Sleepers, vehicles that look slow but go fast, have been mostly internal-combustion affairs for the last hundred or so years, but now that powerful electric cars have been around long enough for wrecked ones to become cheap parts donors we have the opportunity to build axle-twisting, frame-bending, electron-fueled machines that will leave witnesses staggering back in awe.

Electric Sport Chevrolet Sprint

Of course, you could just stuff a Tesla Model S powertrain into a grandmotherly Olds Cutlass Ciera and be done with it... but I say the running gear from a Chevrolet Spark EV swapped into a Sebring-Vanguard Citicar would be ideal. There's nothing wrong with the Citicar that upgrading the power from 2.5 hp to 140 hp can't fix, particularly when you get 327 lb-ft of torque as part of the deal.

So, what's your ideal electric sleeper powertrain/vehicle combination?

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