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Question of the Day: What is the most metal car ever?

In order to fend off accusations that your metal is weak, you need the right car.

What would Horgh drive? You must choose the most metal car, or be expelled from the skeletal, frostbitten winter forest forever.

Question of the Day: Time remaining for internal combustion?

Our friend the internal-combustion engine may not be with us forever.

Electric cars, atomic cars, perpetual-motion cars, carts pulled by robot mules – someday, they may replace the good old internal-combustion engine.

Question of the Day: Most fun under 100 horsepower?

These days, even the Yaris has more than 100 horses. Is it possible to have fun with less? Which sub-100hp car was (or is) the most fun?

Question of the Day: Most miserable econobox of all time?

All are cheap, all are efficient, some are more punitive than others.

The econobox as we know it has been with us since the early 1970s. Which one was (or is) the worst?

Question of the Day: What's the greatest British car ever?

A Roller? A Lotus? Maybe even something from British Leyland?

British cars have been with us since the 19th century, and more than 500 British marques have existed.

Question of the Day: Worst year of the Malaise Era?

The Malaise Era started in 1973 and dragged on through 1983. Which year was worst?

Giant, hideous crash bumpers, engines that made 25 horsepower per liter, and velour. Lots of velour. 1973 through 1983, which year was the Malaise nadir?

Question of the Day: Greatest station wagon of all time?

The minivan and the SUV have (mostly) killed the station wagon, but it's not dead yet. Which one was or is the greatest?

There was a time when the station wagon was the default cargo- and family-hauling North American machine. What's the best one ever?

Question of the Day: Coolest-looking intake manifold?

You don't see the intakes on most new cars these days, but they were once works of art.

Of all the hardware used to feed air into an engine, some are better-looking than others.

Question of the Day: Most degraded car name?

What's the worst example of a once-great car model getting ruined?

The 1988 Pontiac LeMans? The 2004 Mercury Monterey? Something more painful?

Question of the Day: Greatest 4-cylinder engine of all time?

The four-cylinder engine goes back 120+ years. Which one is best?

With thousands of four-bangers to choose from, selecting the all-time greatest might be a challenge. Do it anyway!

Question of the Day: Ever consider driving a minivan?

Minivans are very useful vehicles, but they come with serious stigma.

When a minivan best meets your needs, are you willing to be seen in one?

Question of the Day: Best obscure road-trip song?

There are the driving songs we've all heard a million times, but what about the less-common ones?

When you're driving your '62 Hillman Minx to Tierra del Fuego, a song you've never heard before comes on the radio from an Antarctic pirate station, and it's perfect for driving – that's what we're talking about here.

Question of the Day: Coolest factory-supercharged car?

Kaiser Manhattan, Corrado G60, Hellcat, or something else?

Superchargers have been available on production cars going back to the 1920s. Which one is coolest?

Question of the Day: Best recipient for supercharged GM V6?

The ubiquitous supercharged GM 3800 will bolt into many vehicles. What's the best swap for it?

Available on many GM cars of the 1990s and 2000s and now dirt cheap in junkyards, the Eaton-blown 3800 has plenty of bolt-in or near-bolt-in recipients.

Question of the Day: What (non-Skyline) JDM car to import?

Japanese-market cars from 1991 are now legal in the USA. Which one do you bring in?

Instead of making the obvious choice, go for something interesting.

Question of the Day: What was the best year ever for new cars?

There have been good years and bad years for cars, ever since Karl Benz's first machine. What year was the very best?

Question of the Day: Coolest engine-displacement badge ever?

They're just about all metric now, but this does not preclude coolness.

During the engine-displacement arms race, car companies vied for the raciest-looking numerical badges. What's the best one?

Question: Your feelings on the 1959-vs-'09 Chevy crash test?

Now that we've had 7 years for tempers to settle, what do you think of the infamous IIHS crash test?

In 2009, the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety smashed a 1959 Bel Air into a 2009 Malibu. Millions of ugly online screaming matches were the result.

Question of the Day: What's the most irritating car name?

Charades and Achievas and Nubiras ... and even worse?

I say every remaining example of the Oldsmobile Achieva should be crushed, just to erase its maddening name. You may feel differently.

Question of the day: Best electric sleeper candidate?

Crashed EVs are getting cheap. That means it's time for crazy electric drivetrain swaps!

What high-torque electric-drivetrain swap, into which vehicle, would give you the best electric sleeper?

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