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The new SF16-H is here with its new red and white livery. Yes I said red (no news here) and white because for the first time in decades, Ferrari have pleased its main sponsors. This change caused some sensation because Ferrari must be red. Red is Ferrari's trademark. Fact.

But where does the Rosso Corsa's tradition come from? I didn't know before yesterday (shame on me!) and I guess a lot of you readers don't know as well. Since the early days of F1's championship, teams' nationality was recognized by the colour of their livery: Italians teams used to be all red-dressed, germans white, french blue, americans blu and white and British green.

Be aware that team's nationality was important for this rule wanted by the FIA, not the Country where cars were built. So had occurred that some Ferraris were yellow because they belonged to Belgian teams, for example. When Enzo Ferrari, the Ferrari's founder, set up his own team he followed these FIA's instructions and continued racing with a red livery creating a very strong tradition.

During the late '60s things changed since F1 Gunston Team decided to use its main sponsor's colour, the namesake cigarettes company, painting the cars in orange and black. After that breakpoint every team began using the same method of the Gunston Team's one. Ferrari went through this ferocious Sponsorship Era bringing on its very-red-tradition, letting it become its main color. In fact it was barely the only colour offered by the Prancing Horse to its customers.

During the '90s almost 85% of all Ferraris were painted in Rosso Corsa livery, then Fiat Group ownership began to enlarge the colour choice in order to satisfy customers' requests. Guess how many red Ferraris are sold on these years? The 45%! Which is again the predominant customers' choice but denotes the fall of this preference. Right now Ferrari's Tailor Made programme is making the rest, taking another 10% of the whole lot.

There is a lot of things I don't know about in this world but there is one I know for sure: if I had enough money, I would buy a Ferrari and it'll be red... oops, Rosso Corsa. And you?

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