Watch Danica Patrick go undercover as a Lyft driver

Danica Patrick went undercover as a worker for Lyft in Charlotte, NC, and gave a few lucky people the rare opportunity to take a ride with a famous racecar driver. Patrick just needed some aviator sunglasses and a big hat to hide her identity, but she dropped plenty of hints about her real profession along the way.

Patrick plays up the role of an overly aggressive Lyft driver by taking corners at high speed and challenging other vehicles to stoplight drag races. She also slides in some NASCAR-related jokes about getting too close to other cars and trying to cover 500 miles in a few hours every Sunday. Her clients seem enthused by her assertive style, too.

This clip is entertaining, but we think Patrick missed an opportunity for a detour to the speedway to do a quick lap. The stunt would have made for an even better reveal of her true identity, but these folks probably had places they needed to go.

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