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Eco-Friendly RVs and Extravagant Mobile Estates | Car Club USA

From green living to glamping, Car Club USA explores the spectrum of RV ownership.

Whether it's about downsizing your possessions or bringing everything along for the ride, the RV community is unified by the desire to stay on the move.

"It is possible to live a nomadic lifestyle and be sustainable," said Ching Fu, who has spent the last 10 months on the road with Jerud Crandall in their solar-powered RV, nicknamed The Toaster. "We pretty much quit our jobs, left Asheville and headed west!"

The entire eco-friendly trailer is powered by roof-mounted solar panels, generating 1,220 watts. Ching and Jerud customized The Toaster to fit their lifestyle and commitment to the outdoors, but they recognize it might not be for everyone.

"There is a really large variety in what constitutes an RV," said Jerud.

For those looking for more – more features, more space, even a second floor – there is an RV for them. Inventor Ron Anderson went from a career in medicine, to customizing rock-and-roll tour buses, to building two-story RVs for movie stars like Will Smith.

"Creating a home for people is what we do," said Anderson.

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