Petrolicious visits a coachbuilt Corvette in Montana

There was once a time when most anyone could take a car to one of the great coachbuilders of Italy and have it rebodied into something entirely original. That's what one Gordon Kelley did back in 1962. And it's the story that Petrolicious tells in its latest video.

An industrial designer by trade, Kelley penned his own design for bodywork to cover his '61 Corvette, and brought it to Vignale (today owned by Ford) in Turin for realization. The stunning result became known as the Kelley Corvette. It appeared at major auto shows and graced the covers of magazines, and with good reason: as you can see for yourself, Kelley's design and Vignale's work came together beautifully, and have gracefully endured the test of time in singular fashion.

Today the car's custodian is one John Breslow, based out in Montana – a state that not only doesn't require a front license plate (which would be a crying shame to mount in that front grille) but also has some of the highest speed limits in the country. Breslow likens the Kelley Corvette to "a Van Gogh you can drive." But even higher praise is that he actually drives it, which is no mean feat considering what else he has in his garage, from cherished classics like a Ferrari 275 GTB and Jaguar XKSS to modern Zagato coachbuilt specials like the Alfa Romeo TZ3 and Ferrari 550 GTZ Barchetta.

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