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Not even VW's newly installed CEO Dr. Herbert Diess knows how much the emissions scandal will cost the brand (perhaps $21 billion in loans partly reveal the truth). But he knows for sure how the brand has to act in order to gain back its reputation and the shocked consumers' trust.

It started by changing or to say it right by removing the brand's tagline that existed since 2008. The eight-year-old slogan gave his position on the brand's name. The decision was taken in order to back up the logo of the German brand globally.

His next move toward the creation of the new VW era was more than obvious. To order products that will turn VW a protagonist in the field of less environmentally hostile applications. In other words more electric models. But this alone doesn't make you a pioneer. Furthermore, VW already has these in its lineup. The only way to redemption for the Germans is to blaze the path to accessible electric cars, or else the brand will die from its own... emissions.

In this way, "people's car" will become "people's electric car." In other words Volkswagen will become... Volkselektrowagen. And the future tagline will be Das Elektroauto! And there is a plan to do so.

According to Dr. Herbert Diess, VW will produce the world's first high-volume, accessible electric car. This is not an easy task. VW knows it and is prepared to pay dearly for that. Borrowing technology from the e-Golf will minimize the cost of R&D, something that will keep the price low enough to justify the designation "accessible."

As regards the car itself, Diess has challenged his team to set new benchmarks for electric performance. That means range up to 300 miles on a single charge.

Do you think an accessible electric car is enough to save VW or have the implications of the scandal created an irreversible situation?

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