We're going to drive Subarus through Patagonia

Follow along with us from February 16-21.

Later this month, Chris McGraw and I are going on an adventure. We're heading to South America with Subaru to drive cars through the wilderness, including the gorgeous landscape of Patagonia. It'll sort of be like that Top Gear episode, just without, you know, all the bad stuff (we hope).

Since this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we're doing a huge blowout of coverage, and we want to bring you along for the ride. From February 16-21, we'll be posting video updates and a ton of social media coverage, so be sure to watch the Autoblog site as well as our YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds for all of the latest sights and sounds from our amazing trip. Of course, we'll have a big feature story wrapping the whole experience up, after we get back and shake off some of the jet lag.

We're stoked, and we hope you're just as excited to virtually come along for the ride. Stay tuned.

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