Adults are racing real-life Mario Karts

Adults parading as racers from the Nintendo's classic racing series, Mario Kart, are nothing knew. Nearly five years ago exactly, we introduced you to RĂ©mi Gaillard's hilarious interpretation of the long-running game. That was followed up by the website Cliccar, who brought a much larger grid to the streets of Japan. Now, a group of pranksters from the Facebook group Base37 have had a go, and instead of running on public roads, they took to the maze of a British shopping center.

More or less, the entire cast was on hand. There was Mario (who had a blonde mop of hair, for some reason), Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Wario, a monkey (which we think was meant to be Diddy or Donkey Kong), and everyone's favorite ridable dinosaur, Yoshi. And rather than running actual go-karts, it looks like the racers were using Razor Crazy Carts, which actually sound perfect for negotiating the obstacles of your average mall.

"You can't go wrong with Mario Kart. A lot people people were just looking in disbelief and some high fived us," a member of the group told The Evening Standard. "It was just a little bit of fun. A lot of people are saying the wish they could do it because they grew up with the game on Nintendo 64."

And how did mall security feel about the stunt? Well, it seems even the health-and-safety-obsessed Brits aren't immune to Mario Kart's charms.

"As the stunt was intended to be humorous, and the centre was open but the retail stores were not trading at the time with a small number of people on foot, the participants were permitted to continue," a mall spokesman told The Evening Standard.

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