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Real-life Mario Kart hits the streets of Japan

It may not be as hilarious or silly as Rémi Gaillard's real-life Mario Kart experiment, but the idea of dressing up as everyone's favorite Italian plumbers and hitting the streets in go-karts has made its way to Japan. The folks at Japanese website Cliccar donned their best Mario and Luigi costumes, hopped in a pair of go-karts and hit the streets, drawing huge crowds in the process.

The Cliccar folks raced street-legal X-carts, which cost around ¥379,800 (about $4,900 based on current exchange rates), and are capable of speeds up to 35 miles per hour, or even 50 mph when tuned properly.

Follow the jump for over three minutes of real-life Mario Kart action, Japanese style.

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