This Hyundai commercial may be the weirdest of Super Bowl 50

It happens every year at the Super Bowl. For every headline-making, Twitter-breaking commercial, there's an ad like this one, simply titled "Better," from Hyundai. An ad that's so odd, people will focus not on its message, but the overarching weirdness of the spot.

The ad in question follows the life of a man born with an exposed V8 engine where his heart should be (it's actually a little high, but we're nitpicking). Yes, it's as strange as it sounds. According to Hyundai, the man "strives to make the world a better place," but the only time we see anything approaching that is when he opens a jammed umbrella for a woman. For most of the ad, it's hard to tell you're even seeing a car commercial. It's not until the end, where the man is shown working in a Hyundai design studio alongside people with similar anatomical features, that the ad begins to make sense.

Perhaps part of our disappointment with Hyundai's latest Super Bowl spot is that the NFL's official automotive sponsor has done so well otherwise. The brand has become a fixture during the big game over the years, and will likely see some success in 2016 with spots featuring both Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart. Those successes aside, though, we'll be surprised if there's a great response to this particular Super Bowl 50 commercial from Hyundai.

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