In honor of the Ford GT's return to Daytona, we drive a GT40

The Rolex 24 at Daytona, that famed endurance race, is this weekend. While plenty of manufacturers are bringing great machines, many of them somewhat closely related to actual performance cars you can buy, all eyes are on Ford. The company's competition GT, the racing version of its upcoming street-legal supercar, will make its debut.

Daytona is an emotionally resonant place to debut the GT racer. Its ancestor, the GT40 Mk.II, won the first official 24 Hours of Daytona back in 1966, and then went on to stun the world with the incredible podium sweep at Le Mans. Ford won at Daytona six more times, most recently last year with a Ford-powered Riley prototype. Incidentally, that car's EcoBoost V6 is also featured under the hood of the new GT.

Back to the GT40 Mk.II for a second. The replica outfit Superformance, with the help of Shelby and Safir, makes a continuation GT40 Mk.II, and with the historic circumstances of the Daytona debut of the new GT coming up, we sent our hosts of The List – Patrick McIntyre and Jessi Combs – to sample it and some other modern recreations of famous Shelbys. The full episode is coming soon, but enjoy this teaser, tune into this weekend's race, and then come back to get your fill of Shelby.

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