Red Bull hits the slopes in a specially modified F1 car [UPDATE]

Update: According to, Red Bull did not get permission from the local authorities to put on this stunt. Max Verstappen's snowy ride could end up costing the team 30,000 Euros in fines.

Oh silly Red Bull, that's not where F1 cars go! Luckily the team's wunderkind driver Max Verstappen is up for the task. He hit the slopes of the famous Streif ski course in Kitzbuhel, Austria in a specially modified F1 car.

It is a legit F1 car that in its past life ran in a series of drag races at the Perth Speed Fest. The Red Bull F1 team told the car was raised a bit, fitted with studded tires and snow chains, and given altered engine software to give Verstappen more control over the car. But it's still more or less an F1 car meant for the track, not for the snow.

"We have an 800 horsepower rear wheel drive car," an unnamed Red Bull team member told the News. "Which obviously on snow is very challenging for the driver." Obviously. Not content with simply racing up and down the slippery slopes, Verstappen did some doughnuts, to the delight of the crowd.

"It was really cool and was so much fun," Verstappen said. "Keeping the car on the track was a real challenge." Still, he did pretty good for a kid who only got his driver's license a few months ago. Verstappen happens to be the youngest F1 driver ever, having competed in his first event at the tender ager of 17-and-a-half. Red Bull has always been a fan of flashy stunts, though its recent F1 history is less solid. Just last year the energy drink manufacturer threatened to pull out of the coming season due to new engine regulations that put the team at a disadvantage. After trying (and failing) to switch engine suppliers last year, the team will still be racing Renault units with "TAG Heuer" branding.

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