You might think that you'd need a regular driver's license before you could qualify for a Super License from the FIA. And that may be the case under the new regulations. But it wasn't when Max Verstappen qualified for his Super License when he was still 17 – and not yet licensed to drive on public roads. That discrepancy, however, has now been rectified.

According to the Dutch racing driver's website, Max wasted little time in getting his "civilian" license. He just turned 18 yesterday, and rather than sleeping in or heading to the beach, he went straight to the motor vehicle bureau in Belgium and took his driver's test. And what would you know, he passed on the first try, having already completed the theory component in January.

Oddly enough, Max says he prefers being driven around on public streets rather than drive himself. "It's a moment of peace and I still think that way," said Verstappen. "However, if I want to go somewhere on my own, at least now I'm able to jump in my Renault Clio RS and go. That sense of liberty feels great." Not a bad choice for your first car, and we're sure that Renault, which powers his Toro Rosso, gave him a good deal. (It's got a DCT, but we didn't ask if he took the test on a manual.)

The son of former F1 driver Jos "the Boss" Verstappen, Max became the youngest driver ever to start a Formula One grand prix at the tender age of 17 years and 166 days when he made his debut at the Australian Grand Prix this past March. He's expected to retain that record indefinitely after the FIA raised the age threshold to get into the series. Out of 14 races so far in this, his debut season, Max has retired from four, finished four outside the points, and achieved an impressive fourth-place finish at the Hungarian Grand Prix this past July. Not bad for a kid who just got his license.

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