Mankind has been obsessed with finding new and creative ways to kill itself for millennia. Over the last several centuries, though, these implements of destruction have taken on an increasingly impersonal nature, typified today by unmanned drones. It's no secret that the US has employed remote-controlled UAVs to kill its enemies, but now, terrorists are taking a similar approach to death dealing.

Rather than sacrificing manpower as part of its suicide bombings, video footage of the Islamic State's training materials obtained by Sky News shows that the terrorist group is working on remote-controlled car bombs. Even more worrying – ISIS is developing a means of countering the primary method used for detecting RC bombs.

See, picking out a car that's been modified for remote controls isn't difficult. It's as simple as pointing an infrared camera at the cabin. These cameras can easily detect a human's heat signature, just like the aliens from the Predator films. If there's no heat signature, that means there's no one at the wheel, making it easy to blast away at the RC bomb until the threat is eliminated.

To counter this simple detection method, ISIS is turning to mannequins. By wrapping these dummies in wires and aluminum foil to better distribute heat and then fitting a thermostat, the terrorists are hoping to beat the heat (detection). You can check out the Sky News report in the video up top. The section on the remote-control car bombs is in the first three minutes.

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