Tanom Invader three-wheels its way into Jay Leno's Garage

Most of the vehicles Jay Leno has by (and in) his garage have four wheels, or two. But for this latest episode, the talk show host and car collector invited an Invader made here in the United States by Tanom Motors, to come by the garage. We first saw the Invader at SEMA back in 2010 when the company was originally called Talon Motors, and saw it again at the same show a year later. But now it's officially on the market, categorized as a motorcycle.

While trikes can come in a variety of configurations, the Tanom Invader places its Suzuki-sourced Hayabusa motorcycle engine behind a side-by-side two-seat cockpit, driving one giant rear tire instead of the two up front. That makes it different from the Polaris Slingshot (with its front engine/rear drive layout) or the Morgan 3 Wheeler (front engine/rear drive as well), never mind models like the Can-Am Spyder or Piaggio MP3 that fall closer to the motorcycle end of the spectrum, with handlebars (instead of steering wheels) and tandem seats.

What it does resemble – very closely – is the Campagna T-Rex. Having driven the latter a while back, we can imagine the Invader is a whole lot of fun to drive (or ride) as well. At any rate, Jay certainly seems to enjoy it, as you can see for yourself in the video above.

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