Invader TC-3 looks better in white

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Tanom Motors has returned to SEMA with a full-on production version of the company's Invader TC-3. As you may recall, the company first showed off a concept version of the reverse trike at SEMA 2010. Tanom Motors calls the Invader TC-3 a fusion of superbike and supercar performance, which we assume makes the three-wheeler super-super. A 1.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine sourced from a Suzuki Hayabusa puts 194 horsepower to a 19-inch rear tire and the vehicle is supposedly capable of clipping off 0-60 mph runs in the sub-four second range. Top speed sits at a plenty-lofty 150 mph, though the vehicle isn't simply designed for max speed.

Tanom says that the tubular-steel chassis has been designed with a crumple zone in the event of a collision, and the front windscreen is made from tempered glass to protect the vehicle's occupants. Last we heard, the Invader TC-3 will cost you around $43,000, though that figure may have changed since pre-production model first surfaced.

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