Take a closer look at the interior of the 2017 Volvo S90

The interior of the recently launched Volvo XC90 is outstanding, but the interior this 2017 S90 sedan tops it. The fast rake and complex convexities of the XC90 instrument panel give way to a simple Scandinavian erectness, but the contrasting materials and grained, open-pore inlays are conservative design done properly. And as we saw on our Deep Dive who knew that a couple of vents could make such a huge difference in perceived quality?

Volvo's been showing off more of the car this month before we crawl all over it at the Detroit Motor Show next month. First came this 96-second ad showing the S90 in motion, then came an in-depth look at the exterior design language. This new sedan carries a great many hopes for the brand, a quantum evolution from the decade-long torpor represented by the S80. We don't expect it to topple the Mercedes E-Class just yet, but its design and advertised "world-first safety technologies and highly advanced semi-autonomous features" would make it a distinct entry into a segment that keeps getting more exciting.

If Volvo can deliver performance to match its looks, it will deserve lots of love. Our chance to drive it can't come soon enough. Enjoy the short video above.

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