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Zarooq SandRacer front 3/4
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Zarooq SandRacer profile
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Zarooq SandRacer gray rear 3/4
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Zarooq SandRacer racing livery front
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Zarooq SandRacer racing livery front 3/4
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Zarooq SandRacer racing livery side front
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Zarooq SandRacer racing livery profile
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Zarooq SandRacer racing livery above side
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Zarooq SandRacer racing livery rear 3/4
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Zarooq SandRacer racing livery rear
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Zarooq SandRacer red front
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Zarooq SandRacer red front side 3/4
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Zarooq SandRacer red rear 3/4
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Zarooq SandRacer blue side
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Zarooq SandRacer orange
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Zarooq SandRacer orange side
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Announced this past weekend during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Zarooq SandRacer adopts a similar form to the Rally Fighter from Local Motors – which is, to say, a jacked-up sports car on a long-travel suspension. At 165 inches, it's about the same length as a Nissan 370Z, but the SandRacer is wider, taller, and with the wheels pushed further out to the corners for unimpeded approach and departure angles (measured at 45 and 53 degrees respectively) out there on the dunes. It also has a full foot of ground clearance and a 40/60 weight balance front to rear.

The design was penned by Anthony Jannarelly, who also designed the Lykan HyperSport and Fenyr SuperSport for W Motors. Campos Racing, which competes in GP2 and Formula Three (among other series) helped in its development. The design calls for a welded and powder-coated steel tube frame with aluminum bulkheads, overlaid by non-structural fiberglass bodywork.

Power is said to come from a 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine, mounted amidships and sending 304 horsepower and 274 pound-feet of torque through a six-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission to the rear wheels. Racing versions are also planned in outputs of 400 and 500 hp to form part of a one-make spec racing series. The startup even plans to open a sand racing track for the purpose. Though still in the planning phase, the Zarooq SandRacer is slated to launch early in the new year.
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Zarooq unveils details about its SandRacer in press conference during Abu Dhabi GP week
Sand racing car, made in UAE

First Press conference held in the Sofitel the Palm, Dubai gathering the whole team during Abu Dhabi Grand Prix week

Zarooq Motors had invited the press in the Sofitel the Palm Dubai, a few days before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. "The timing and the location allowed us to have everyone around the table, including Campos Racing team (Adrian Campos, CEO and Rio Haryanto, GP2 driver)" noted Bruno Laffite, Operations Director.

"It was a unique moment for us to exchange with the press and answer all their questions" commented Mohammed Al Qadi, Motorsport director "and we were glad to have attracted such a crowd of journalists, highlighting the level of interest we have generated locally in the UAE, in the Gulf but also internationally."

The genesis of Zarooq Motors is embedded in UAE motorsport ...
"The Zarooq SandRacer was created in order to be able to organize an Off-road single-make championship and operate a sand racing track in Dubai" explains Mohammed al Qadi. "We have all the necessary skills in the UAE, from the design to the actual manufacturing of the chassis and the body as well as the final assembly, with our partners JJSpecial" added Mohammed. "We wanted the car to be road legal, with AC, because we want it to be as practical as possible, even if it is a racing car" said Bruno Laffite. "The support and insights from the industry we get thanks to our partnership with Motorsport professionals like Campos Racing is of great value today for the car and tomorrow for our championship", he added.

...with an objective of being a sustainable UAE car manufacturer and motorsport provider
Zarooq Motors aims at building a sustainable brand synonymous with off-road capability, racing-grade performance and iconic look. "We don't aim at being a large scale manufacturer, but a solid niche player consistently delivering innovative and reliable cars" underlines Mohammed. "We are an Emirati company and we want to show the world what we are capable of."

The aggressive and iconic look of the car revealed
Anthony Jannarelly, came to global automotive industry fame as the designer of the W Motors Lykan and Fenyr. As part of JJSpecial, the Zarooq SandRacer is his latest creation.

"It had to be fit for purpose, of course, hence the significant ground clearance, limited overhang or the room necessary for significant suspension travel. It also had to meet the standards to be road legal, yet we clearly focused on designing a car that is unique, aggressive and we hope, one day, iconic" Anthony Jannarelly said.

The details of the car's performance were covered with the GP engineers from Campos Racing who designed it
The details of the car performance and engineering designs were discussed at length with Philippe Gautheron and Emilio Lozano, from Campos Racing, as well as Frederic Juillot from JJSpecial in charge of the manufacturing workshop. "We chose all our parts and partners in order to offer the best racing performance, from engine supplier, tires but also suspensions which are critical for Off-road Performance" remarked Bruno Laffite.

The development strategy is ambitious but realistic
Zarooq Motors management has devised a realistic development plan, primarily focused on developing sales in the UAE and the gulf, aiming at drivers who want a high performance sand racing car, which is affordable and easy to maintain; the car can also cater of course to all the car enthusiasts of the region. "We actually have some people interested in importing the car in the gulf but also in Europe" mentioned Mohammed Al Qadi. "We will concentrate on exports and launching new products once our local sales are sustainable"

In parallel, and in order to foster the development of the local championship, Zarooq Motors is initiating a "Dubai Off-Road Racing Track" to host races but also corporate events in a premium and safe environment dedicated to sand racing. "You will be able to see Dubai "دب ئ " in Arabic: as part of the track design" explains Mohammed Al Qadi.

Car to be shown to journalists and to the public in January 2016
Mohammed explained: "Chassis is now finished, the engine and wiring are in place and working, the body molds are being sculpted, and we are just waiting for a few parts to arrive to finalize the assembly, in December". "If all goes well, we should be able to show the car to the journalists and then to the public very soon. Expect to be able to see it here in the Sofitel the Palm in a few weeks..." said Iannis Mardell.
"Of course, we are conducting a series of tests to proof the car and then we will take the road homologation"

As a result, the journalists and first clients should be able to test the car in early 2016.

Technical specs (subject to changes)

Length (mm) 4200
Width (mm) 2084
Rollcage height (mm) 1220
Track (mm) 2160 -- 2100
Wheelbase (mm) 2820
Front overhang (mm) 700
Rear Overhang (mm) 704
Approach Angle (degrees) 45º
Ground clearance (mm) 315
Departure angle (degrees) 53º
Ramp Over Angle (degrees) 25º

Welded S355 steel tube
Phosphated, powder coated finish
Aluminium bulkheads.

Kerb Weight (kg) 1000-1050
Weight distribution 60% Rear - 40% Front
Turning Circle (m) 12
Max speed (km/h) 200 kph - TBC
Fuel capacity (l) 110

Displacement (cc) 3,498
Bore (mm) 95.5
Stroke (mm) 81.4
Cylinders 6
Power (bhp) 304
Torque (Nm) 371
Injection Indirect multi-port grouped fuel injection
Rev limit 6600 rpm
Engine position Central - rear

Transmission 6 speed automatic
Paddle shift yes
Drive 2WD

Dampers Fox 980 -02-009 // Fox 983-02-075
Coil Spring K TBD
Front Independent triangle
Rear Trailing arm

Brakes (mm) 240
Adjustable front rear bias

Tyre 33x12.5 R15
Diameter 33" / 84 cm
Rim 15" / 38 cm
Width 317 mm

Non structural fiberglass moulded. Composite mix

Individual seat units composite woven cloth, adjustable.

Seat belt
2" E Approved four point quick release full harnesses

Rack and pinion cast alloy steering rack 1.7 turns lock to lock
Collapsible offset steering column. Adjustable rod ends
305mm race suede covered steering wheel

LCD Digital display, speedometer, tachometer, water, fuel, odo,
trip.Warning lights: Ignition, lights, brake, oil, beam, indicators, alarm.

Road Equipment
Projector headlamps. LED indicators, stop/tail/side/repeaters.
Rear fog lamp, reverse lamp, number plate lamp. Horn. 3 way closed loop.
Front and rear mudguards.

Options available (non exhaustive)

- 400hp, 500hp engine preparation
- Dynamic Off-Road suspension
- High capacity reservoir
- Performance gearbox
- Off-Road wheels and tyres
- Performance brakes
- Performance exhaust system
- Special FIA pack

- Carbon fiber interior / exterior
- Infotainment system
- Comfort seats
- Spare wheel
- Car cover
- Bespoke body
- LED lights
- Paint and stripe
- Cupholder, glove box, etc.

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