We haven't heard much from Jeremy Clarkson since the BBC booted him and his colleagues and shut down Top Gear. But now Jezza – along with Richard Hammond and James May – are working on a new series for Amazon. In the meantime, his new employers are putting him to work promoting the new Prime Air drone delivery service.

In this latest video clip for the online retail giant, Clarkson explains how the new Amazon Prime Air service will work. Customers will be able to place their order online and have Amazon deliver their package right to them with an unmanned aerial vehicle – no UPS, FedEx, or DHL delivery truck required.

We'll let Clarkson take it from there. All we'll say further is welcome back, Jezza. We're looking forward to seeing what you, Captain Slow, and the Hamster have in store for us once the new show boots up – even if it doesn't involve testing UAVs for Amazon.

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