A misguided woman in New Jersey made a phony 911 call to distract police so she could drive home drunk from a bar last week. The only misstep in what could have been this century's perfect crime? She told the world about it on social media.

Hayley Oates spent last Monday night drinking at the Grasshopper Bar & Grill in Wayne, N.J, CBS New York reported. When she decided to leave around 3:15 am, she called 911 and reported a woman being assaulted at a bar across town. Officers arrived at the spot of the supposed assault, but found no evidence of a crime. Meanwhile Oates drove home under the influence and off of police radar.

It was almost the perfect crime, until she posted "lmao.. 2 mins later the cop peals out.. silly piggies tricks r for u," on social media. She now faces charges of filing false reports to law enforcement and creating false public alarm.

Police had harsh words for Oates. "You're misusing the system. You have 911 personnel that are answering the call. You have police officers that should be doing other things, are now responding to a call that's false so that you can drive away drunk?" Wayne police Detective Capt. Laurence Martin told CBS New York. "And then bragging about it on social media — that's as dumb as it gets." We couldn't agree more.

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