On Location in Mexico with the BMW 3 Series and X1

Back in October, I traveled to Mexico with BMW to drive the new X1 crossover and the updated 3 Series sedan, specifically the new 340i. I wasn't surprised to see freshly paved roads and beautiful scenery, both of which are staples of the new-car launch. What we don't usually find are car-sized boulders blocking entire lanes of travel, goats as surprise traffic obstacles, and roads that turn to dirt with little warning. In hindsight, maybe the boulders have something to do with the fresh pavement.

All that made the drive from our hotel on the edge of Copper Canyon to a little town called Batopilas more interesting than the normal A-to-B. Getting to and from the hotel was its own adventurous challenge, requiring my first and second flights in a Cessna. I managed to escape with my life and some video of the experience, and it's all edited for you above. Enjoy.

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