Ford dealer has teens explain electronics to adult customers

Many motorists report that the current automotive infotainment systems are overly complicated, and some drivers completely ignore the tech that their vehicles offer. A Ford dealer in Massachusetts wants to make sure that customers understand everything their ride can do, and the showroom has a team of some of the most electronics savvy people around to do it – teenagers.

Quirk Ford has employed teens for a few years to teach customers about the in-car tech, and the strategy has worked well. The young people get work experience, and the sales staff has more time to sell vehicles. Some of the kids don't even have driver's licenses, but they're experts in infotainment. They even go through Ford's certified training to understand the advanced systems better.

Ford wants its latest Sync 3 infotainment system to be even easier for drivers to use thanks to better voice recognition and a tweaked design. Some buyers might still need a few tips, and these young people will be ready to offer them.

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