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BMW 3 Series GT gets nip and tuck

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We brought you spy photos of the refreshed BMW 3 Series sedan, and now the versatile, hunchbacked Gran Turismo has been caught on camera. As far as refreshed Bimmers go, the treatment for the 3GT is pretty typical.

That means a new front bumper and headlights, which we doubt have been changed all that much from the freshened four-door. Changes in back differ thanks to the GT's unique rear end, but the new features – new LED designs in the taillights – will be there. It also looks like BMW has tweaked the rear bumper. Like the sedan, the 3GT will get a few interior tweaks and an iDrive update. Basically, everything we showed you back in May when the updated sedan debuted should find its way onto the 3GT.

What we don't know – and what our spies can't tell us – is whether BMW will add GT versions of the 3er's newest models, the 340i and 330e plug-in. We'd expect the 340i to replace the range-topping 335i Gran Turismo, just like it has on the sedan – although a hunchbacked, plug-in hybrid hatchback might just be a bit too niche, even for a brand like BMW.

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