Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo concept shows us our lazy future

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The first autonomous vehicles to hit the road will likely look much the same as the ones we drive currently. But as self-driving technology evolves, so too will the shape of the vehicles themselves. And this is what Mercedes figures that future could look like.

The Vision Tokyo concept, so named for the show now ongoing at which it's been unveiled this morning, is an odd yet forward-looking shape, rendered in Alubeam silver and glowing blue. Power comes from a hybrid hydrogen fuel cell and inductive electric charging system that give it a theoretical zero-emissions range of over 600 miles.

One look at the lozenge-like shape should tell you that the design is all about the interior space. The driving station – should it be needed – offers a clean dashboard with HUD-only instruments and a central driving position with unobstructed view through the wraparound windscreen. The cabin is clearly focused, however, on the lounging occupants more than on the driver. Accessed via a single, giant gullwing hangar door, the approach is closer to that of a mobile lounge space than a traditional automotive interior, with a wraparound sofa, some manner of high-tech 3D game projected in the middle, and a wide infotainment screen on the inside of the door.

The concept clearly foretells of a different future – one that demands less of the driver and offers more relaxed comfort. So while the driver within us grows concerned at his numbered days, the rest can't help but be strangely intrigued. Scope out the live images from the floor of the Tokyo Motor Show and share your thoughts on the concept in the Comments section below.

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