What it's like to spend a day at Rossi's Ranch in Italy

Veteran rider Valentino Rossi is currently engaged in a fierce title fight with Yamaha teammate Jorge Lorenzo to decide the 2015 MotoGP World Champion. When not racing around the world, Rossi relaxes at his own, private racetrack that he calls The Ranch in Tavullia, Italy. This place is his playground, he says.

Rossi's Ranch is also custom made to be perfect for flat tracking. The whole thing is 1.55 miles but can be split into four smaller parts, including ovals, a motocross section, and a TT course. He doesn't just enjoy this treasure by himself, though. Rossi likes to invite fellow motorcycle racers there as a place to relax and just enjoy being on a bike.

If this clip just doesn't give you enough of Rossi riding around the Ranch, a video from 2013 shows even more. In that one, he brought two racing buddies, including Isle of Man veteran Guy Martin, to take a few laps.

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