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Two Wheels

That's a pretty big surcharge for an extra wheel

That's a pretty big surcharge for an extra wheel.


Custom bike builder Greg Hageman adds a retro XS700 to Yamaha's Yard Built Garage.

Here's a countdown of our 5 favorite cars from the big show.


It's perfect for hauling Yamaha motorcycles, though.

It's not what we were expecting, but that's OK.


We hope it's as cool as the Sports Ride

The concepts are pretty wild.

First Ride

A land missile for the common man.

If you don't need every last ounce of track-ready insanity, Yamaha offers a less extreme, more affordable R1: the 2016 YZF-R1S.


We'd love to see Jorge and Valentino duke it out on four wheels.

Apparently not content to be one of the fastest men on two wheels, Jorge Lorenzo wants the chance to test a Mercedes F1 car.


MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi is pushing hard to have his own team in MotoGP starting in 2017.


Check out this eighth-mile and quarter-mile drag race between an Ariel Atom 3.5R, Yamaha R1, and a rallycross-prepped Citroen DS3.

Open Road

To most children of the '80s a summer with grandma and grandpa wasn't a sought after excursion. But most kids didn't have grandparents that were avid motorcyclists.

Two Wheels

Yamaha's latest concept bike is the Faster Wasp, crafted by the inimitable Roland Sands Design on an aluminum frame with a 900cc triple and a decidedly retro bumblebee livery.


Get A Closer Look At The PES2 And PED2

The Yamaha PES2 and PED2 electric motorcycles, just revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, are both functioning machines, and we've got the videos to prove it.

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Weekly Recap For 10.30.15

Consumer Reports pulls its Tesla recommendation, the U.S. Copyright Office offers a ruling affecting car owners, VW gets hit hard with third-quarter losses, and lots of exciting news from Tokyo. Autoblog senior editor Greg Migliore reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute Weekly Recap.


A Look At Concepts From Mazda, Yamaha, Subaru And Suzuki

The 44th Tokyo Motor Show is here with plenty of exciting new car reveals and lots of tech-heavy concept vehicles. Autoblog's Chris McGraw reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute, with commentary from Autoblog's Managing editor, Steven Ewing.


Typically, when we think Yamaha, we think motorcycles or powersports stuff. But now, we're thinking cars, because Yamaha brought a really enticing coupe concept to this year's Tokyo Motor Show.


Not only has Yamaha built a creepy motorcycle-riding robot, its goal is to beat Valentino Rossi around a track. The tech might even hit the street someday.


Yamaha breaks with tradition by unveiling a sports car concept at the Tokyo Motor Show alongside its usual array of motorcycles. Now if it will just put it into production and bring it to America.


Getting Close To Production Form

Yamaha continues down the path from concept to production electric motorcycles with its second iteration of the PES (Passion, Electric, Street) and PED (Passion, Electric, Dirt) series.


Yamaha is bringing a number of motorcycle concepts to the Tokyo Motor Show this year, which is to be expected. Surprisingly, it also has a sports-car concept in store.

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