Valentino Rossi's personal paradise as seen by Dainese

Valentino Rossi recently invited Supermoto World Champion Thomas Chareyre and road-racing icon Guy Martin to go dirtbiking at his private track - and, for the first time, let a film crew in to capture it all on video.

Talk about a home track advantage, Rossi says owning the course, which he bought near his home in Tavullia, Italy three years ago, was one of his childhood dreams. It's made of a thin layer of gravel on top of a concrete base, a dirtbike-friendly surface that promotes fat powerslides. As competitive as he is in the MotoGP series, the nine-time World Champion says that riding at his track in the countryside is all about having fun – he never goes alone, always with friends. Watch the professional riders tearing it up in the video below.

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