Australian car thief runs from cops straight into the ocean

An alleged car thief in Australia ran out of road and eventually land while running from police Wednesday afternoon. Two Lancelin, Australia, police officers pursued the suspect for two hours by road and by air after he failed to stop for police. The alleged thief ended up crossing into oncoming traffic and then driving onto a beach outside of the small fishing town just north of Perth.

Australia is a destination for surfers for a reason. Tumultuous waves roll to shore each day, making it a great place to ride the waves, but not to drive into them. Apparently, the driver of this Toyota didn't consider that fact when making a break for the sea. The SUV was immediately swamped by the heavy surf as Acting Sergeant Matthew Bruse and Constable Jared Pearsall convened on the beach. The suspect tried to swim for it, but the powerful waves forced him back to the vehicle. He eventually climbed to the roof of the car, which was now pitching and rolling in the water. Police waded in to try and rescue the stranded man, who refused to swim ashore. The officers braved crashing waves and strong currents to both rescue and apprehend the suspect.

"Looking back now, it was probably a bit risky but at the time we were just concerned about his welfare," Bruse told the West Australian. "We wanted to get him to safety but also apprehend him because he was allegedly in possession of a stolen car." Luckily a wave broke over the stolen vehicle as police moved in, loosening the man's grip. He then agreed to willingly go with police. Charges have yet to be filed against the man, but he is in custody for questioning.

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