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Australian car thief runs from cops straight into the ocean

An alleged car thief in Australia ran out of road and eventually land while running from police Wednesday afternoon. Officers ended up having to apprehend him from the ocean.

Psychiatric Treatment For Mom Accused Of Driving Kids Into Ocean

Bystanders and officers helped pull mom and her children from the surf off Dayton Beach

A pregnant South Carolina woman charged with attempted murder after she drove her car into the ocean with her three children inside will be allowed to receive in-hospital psychiatric care until a doctor says she's fit to return to jail, according to an agreement announced Tuesday.

Mom Drives Minivan Into Ocean With Three Kids In Car

Children rescued just as the tide sucked the minivan out to sea

Three children and their pregnant mother were rescued from their partially submerged minivan as it was battered by the surf off the coast of Dayton Beach, Fla. on Tuesday afternoon.

Pouring urea into the ocean to absorb CO2

Could urea be a savior when it comes to reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide? By now we all know about injecting urea into diesel engine exhaust to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides. An Australian company has now received permission from the government of the Philippines to dump urea into the Sulu Sea of that country's coast.

Mercedes preparing CL Cabrio

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Detroit Auto Show: Mercedes shows Ocean Drive concept...on ice

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