A Tesla Model S driver was caught driving recklessly in a dashcam video. On Toronto's Don Valley Parkway, the driver of a white Model S can bee seen speeding along the left shoulder. Another car moves partway onto the shoulder to block the driver, who moves back into the left lane. As traffic slows, the driver pulls back onto the shoulder and speeds away. The folks at Teslarati suggest that this serves as an example of why vehicle autonomy could make the roadways safer. See the video above, and read more at Teslarati.

Formula E will be broadcast live on Italy's Rai network for the next two seasons. The programming will include the live races, as well as practice and qualifying highlights, podium celebrations, interviews and other pre- and post-race coverage. "It's a great opportunity for Formula E and motorsport fans to have Rai broadcasting the live races of our series in Italy," says Trulli Formula E team owner Jarno Trulli. "It's a step forward to make the series grow and get stronger after a successful first season. I'm looking forward to cooperate with Rai and show the Italian fans what we are truly doing with our technology." Read more from Formula E.

A new study links a decline in cancer risk to California's air quality regulations. The study from CARB found that cancer risk from toxic air contaminants declined 76 percent from 1990 to 2012, a time period that corresponds with regulations targeting those contaminants. Even as the amount of diesel miles driven has steadily increased, cancer risk from diesel particulate matter has declined significantly. The paper predicts that cancer risk will continue to drop as a result of controls on toxic emissions. Read more at Green Car Congress.

Mazda is conducting consumer trials of hybrid and electric vehicles in Japan to gauge reception. Depending on whether hybrids or EVs prove to be more popular, Mazda will adopt one of the two types of powertrain for future production vehicles. The automaker is currently testing an electric Mazda2 against a hybrid Mazda3. While this round of testing is focused on the automaker's home market, Mazda may need to expand trials to the US in response to tightening regulations in California. Read more at Green Car Reports.

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