String quartet plays impromptu concert for motorists in traffic

A string quartet on their way home from a gig over the weekend gave weary travelers a free concert while stuck in traffic. The M5, one of England's busiest freeways, was backed up for miles Sunday after a trailer hauling horses broke down and the agitated animals attempted to escape, The Telegraph reported. Four musicians on their way home from playing a wedding were stuck in the backup. They decided to do a little practicing on the side of the road for the enjoyment of their fellow motorists.

A crowd of stranded drivers gathered around the musicians to watch the impromptu concert. Lu Jeffery is one of the musicians in the quartette. Jeffery said that the group will treasure the moment forever. "Between us, we have played some of the most incredible concert venues globally," Jeffery told The Telegraph. "The one afternoon you play the M5 it all goes crazy."

Police and a veterinarian were eventually able to corral and sedate the horses. Traffic started flowing again half-an-hour after it first stopped. Perhaps Americans can be forgiven for thinking everything British is fancy when even the traffic jams include classical music. Here in the States, we do things with a little bit less sophisticated – during a traffic jam in Pennsylvania, a Caribbean band started an impromptu party for motorists stuck on I-76, complete with a limbo stick and a conga line.

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