Caribbean musicians cheered up frazzled commuters over the weekend by creating a traffic jam of their own.

Baltimore meteorologist Justin Berk wrote about the experience on his blog Just In Weather. Berk was sitting in traffic on I-76 on his way to Philadelphia on Saturday. A bad accident had traffic backed up just outside of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. After a while, weary drivers began walking around and stretching their legs while waiting for traffic to move. Instead of the drone of swiftly moving freeway traffic, commuters were treated to a saucy Caribbean beat.

Berk met David Gettes and Paul Downie of Trinidad North Steel Drums, who had been on their way to a gig. He encouraged the duo to break out their instruments for an impromptu jam session right there on the freeway asphalt. By the time the accident was cleared, a limbo stick had made an appearance and congo lines were spontaneously forming. One celebrant was actually disappointed that the festivities were over and that everyone could be on their way again.

Berk wrote that the music was about a mile from the crash, and that everyone waiting hoped that the accident victims were okay.

"Making lemonade out of lemons, this was a classic example of seeing the best of a situation and not wasting energy stressing over something you can't control," Berk wrote.

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