Translogic 184: Detroit Drone FPV Racing

These Motor City Multicopters Provide A First-Person View Of The Racing Action

Translogic heads to the Motorcity for some head-to-head racing, only these vehicles have four motors and fly through the air. Detroit Drone hosts first-person view, or FPV, races for multicopter enthusiasts throughout the area.

"I've been into radio-controlled stuff for 20, 30 years," says Harry Arnold of Detroit Drone. "My background in car racing said, 'well, let's race them,' and now we're at about 450 members for our user group and the racing is really, really catching on."

Watch as Translogic host Jonathon Buckley pops on a headset and takes the controls of his own drone for a high-speed race around Detroit's Russell Industrial Center.


Translogic Velocity

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