Ford patent seeks to monitor driver health while on the road

Ford now has a patent on tech to monitor drivers' changing health behind the wheel and potentially share that information with their healthcare provider. The rather simple idea revolves around a vehicle that would have an account-based system to keep track of people. In an emergency, this technology could even contact paramedics.

Ford's patent is titled Medical data acquisition and provision, and the implementation really only requires specialized software and sensors. The documents acknowledge that many people don't keep close track of themselves medically, and this could be a solution. In the company's description, the tech would only gather a person's heart rate and weight. A wireless device in the vehicle would ensure that the info is being collected on the right person. Certain thresholds could also be programmed, and drivers and their doctor could be warned if there's a problem.

The solution, while intriguing, might be a little too Big Brother for those with privacy concerns. According to the patent, if a person's healthcare provider wants to take a look at the stored data, than the owner needs to grant permission first. Then, the system can send the info wirelessly.

Just because it's been patented doesn't necessarily mean it will hit the market, but an increasing number of people are keeping closer tabs on their health with devices like the Fitbit band. Ford's tech could potentially find some fans among these folks.

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