Juicer 3kW concept is a more powerful California custom cruiser

Don't Call It An E-Bike, It's A Motorbicycle

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Juicer Electric Motorbicycles is a custom shop in California that specializes in building bikes that meld form and function in a way that harkens back a century earlier, when motorized bicycles were evolving into stronger, more powerful motorcycles. That approach was awesomely exemplified in its Juicer 48 board tracker interpretation we showed you some time ago.

Now, the outfit itself is evolving, and has just revealed its Juicer 3kW concept (pictured above) which points toward a more refined, more powerful, direction. Meant as an aspirational build, this ground-up design incorporates features that stay true to the company's philosophy, but makes significant improvements where developments in the law and technology allow. Besides attracting customers, it's also hoped it will lure business partners to help move the enterprise towards serial production and lower prices.

The 3kW keeps designer David Twomey's signature EV-Twin battery in place, along with the faux gas tank (it houses the motor controller), but the hand-crafted cro-moly frame now allows for a more functional front shock suspension instead of the springer fork incorporated into previous models. The use of the light alloy, in addition to aluminum bodywork, help keep the weight down to a reasonably-svelte 80 pounds. This, despite an ample 720 watt-hour battery – said to be good for 30 pedal-free miles – using safer-but-heavier lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry.

Recent changes to California vehicle code means that now, under certain conditions – a motorcycle license, wearing of a DOT-approved helmet – some e-bikes can legally pack up to four horsepower (2.98 kW) and travel as fast as 30 miles per hour. As one might guess from its name, the 3kW concept takes full advantage of this legislative improvement, using the extra grunt from its mid-drive unit to power its way up hills and significantly improve acceleration, while electronically limiting the top end to keep you legal.

It's the myriad of little touches that really make this machine for us. The motor employs a separate, beefier chain drive, the motorcycle saddle gets its own throwback spring suspension with a hinged front post (Twomey tells AutoblogGreen this could change in future if he decides to incorporate a separate rear-wheel suspension system). The analog voltmeter, while not as helpful, perhaps, as an amp-hour counter type gauge, keeps us under the bike's nostalgic spell.

The theme of mixing modern with retro carries into other elements with the aid of a 12-volt DC-to-DC converter. This bit of electronics allows for a port to plug in phones or laptops, and provides power for a motorcycle-grade LED headlight and rear brakelight. It also makes sure the 110-decibal horn blasts out a warning to its full potential.

If you'd like your own custom copy of the 3kW, it'll cost you. While we don't know the exact figure, we imagine it is somewhat more that the $6,000 price tag Juicer hopes to hang from the handlebars of a serialized model. To keep up with the effort and see what sort of trouble they tend to get into, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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