The Juicer 48 is custom-built motorized bicycle that reaches back 100 years for its form, while leaning forward for its function. Calling on his background in design, its creator Dave Twomey combined his love for electric propulsion and vintage machinery to create a retro ride whose main focal point is a pair of battery banks that recall the look of a V-twin engine.

Twomey started the project by recycling a bicycle frame and having the down tube stretched into a loop to accommodate the Manta DC motor and his Headway lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) battery packs. He then attached a self-fabricated set of springer forks up front and gave it a nice set of Felt "Thick Brick" hoops to help set off the cruiser look.

While most of the propulsive bits are left exposed, the tank up top houses a 400-amp controller as well as a BMS (battery management system). As shown in the gallery photos, the front is now adorned with a 113dB horn to scare the hell out of alert texting drivers or anyone that might step out in its path. Twomey thought this a prudent precaution since it's pretty quick and can hit speeds of 46 miles per hour. At a more reasonable 20 mph, the 16 LiFePo4 cells hold enough energy to carry the 110-lb bike and rider about 13 miles.

The Juicer 48 may still get a few finishing touches, but early feedback favorable to its current state may keep it from receiving its planned paint job. If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, you can check it out in person at Hollywood Electrics where it will be hanging out with Dave's earlier and equally awesome creation, the Juicer 36, over the Christmas holidays. Hit the jump for footage of some sweet sweet 48-volt motorized bicycle action.

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