A man in Ohio says he's glad he stopped an intoxicated motorist on the freeway Monday, and he'd do it again if he saw another dangerous driver.

Sean French was driving down Interstate 71 when he saw another car driving erratically, according to WCPO 9. The blue SUV was in the emergency lane scraping along the retaining wall. When French saw the car seat in the back he knew he had to take action. He used his own vehicle to stop the SUV on the side of the road. Once stopped, French was able to reach into the battered SUV, put it in park and take the driver's keys. That's when French started recording.

When confronted the driver, Troy Morsch, seems unfazed by the dangerous incident. As French and another driver who stopped pulls the little girl from the back seat, French questions Morsch.

"Do you know what you did?" French asked Morsch. "Do you know what you've done?" French then tries to call Morsch's wife, but Morsch is so intoxicated he can't unlock his cell phone. French ends the recording once first responder sirens are heard in the background.

Morsch was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, failure to control a vehicle and child endangerment. This isn't the first time we've seen a bystander keep a dangerous driver off the road. Two weeks ago Ohio man Sam Haynes stopped Sandra Harris when he saw her driving off the freeway. He received a medal for his bravery from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, while Harris has plead not guilty to charges of intoxicated driving.

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