Good guy construction worker pulls over intoxicated driver

He may not be a cop, but when an Ohio man saw a dangerous intoxicated driver swerving all over the interstate last Friday he knew he had to do something to protect everyone else on the road.

Sam Haynes was driving home from his job in construction when he saw a white Chevrolet Cavalier cutting in and out of lanes on I-275 near Hamilton County, Ohio. Haynes sped up to follow the erratic car and called the police. He also began recording the driver's erratic behavior on his cellphone. The driver can be seen wandering all over the road and even swerving onto the grassy median.

Haynes eventually got the driver, identified as Sandra Harris, to stop on the shoulder on the interstate by shouting at her and blocking her from rejoining traffic. When confronted, she apologized over and over again to Haynes. A few seconds after Haynes stopped recording Harris passed out behind the wheel of her Cavalier. Two Hamilton County Sheriffs took Harris to the hospital, where she was charged with, among other things, driving while intoxicated.

Since Haynes uploaded the video of his confrontation with Harris he's become a minor viral celebrity. The video has been viewed nearly half a million times and has 10,000 shares on Facebook. Haynes wasn't hoping to become famous, however. He was thinking about his sister Lindsey, who was left in a coma after a bad car accident in 2009 and is still unable to walk. In an interview with USA Today, Haynes said he hopes to see increased penalties against people who drive intoxicated. "Nowadays you never know what's going to happen when you walk out your door," he said.

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