Translogic 183: BioDapt Moto Knee

We Hit The Trail With X Games Champ "Monster" Mike Schultz And His Moto Knee Performance Prosthetic

Translogic heads to St. Cloud, MN to hit the dirt bike trails with X Games champion "Monster" Mike Schultz. In 2008, Schultz had a snowmobiling accident that required the amputation of his left leg. Now, as president of BioDapt he's developed the Moto Knee, a prosthetic leg specifically designed for extreme sports performance.

"With racing, I was always really into the suspension components," said Schultz. "I looked at my leg as a suspension component."

The Moto Knee utilizes a Fox mountain bike shock and lightweight aluminum pylon to withstand the demands of various extreme sports.

"Now I use it for dirt bikes and snow mobiles, mountain biking and road biking, downhill skiing, snowboarding." said Schultz.

Watch as host Jonathon Buckley tries to keep up with "Monster" Mike and fellow Moto Knee user Dylan Apuli on the trail.


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