On Location in Switzerland and France in the 2016 Mercedes GLC

Our first test drive of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC was a flat-out European adventure. We spent two days driving through Switzerland and France, with a brief stop in Germany. The twisty roads took us through vineyards, farmland, and villages that are centuries old.

The historic setting stood in contrast with the sleek, contemporary GLC. It's Mercedes' newest small crossover and replaces the GLK in the company's portfolio. While we soaked in the culture, we also got a taste of the GLC's abilities. This is not a simple refresh of the GLK. The GLC has delicate curves, a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and a new wave of Mercedes technology. The changes are sweeping, and the GLC looks and drives much differently than the edgy, V6-powered GLK. Admittedly, we liked the GLK's rough-hewn feel, though we warmed to the GLC's more subtle charm.

This evolution may have occurred as we crossed the Alsatian region of France. Or maybe in Amsterdam, where we contemplated the GLC's merits and our travel plans for getting back across the Atlantic. Regardless, over the course of our trip we reached a conclusion: the GLC is more in-step with what today's consumers want in their crossovers. It took a long drive over some of Europe's oldest roads for us to arrive at Mercedes' new way of thinking.

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