Translogic 182: CXC Motion Pro II Racing Simulator

We Compare Real Track Times After Some Virtual Seat Time

Translogic gets some seat time in the CXC Motion Pro II to test if the high fidelity racing simulator can impact our host's real-life track times. Host Jonathon Buckley hits the track at Auto Club Speedway of California in a 2015 BMW M4 to put down a baseline lap time before his virtual training session in the Motion Pro II. After learning the lines of the track in a simulated setting, Jonathon returns to the track to put his skills to the test.

"We designed it, originally, as a professional training tool for race car drivers," says CXC Simulation's founder and president Chris Considine. "Make it authentic. Make it real."

The Motion Pro II boasts "thousands of cars and track models," ranging from street cars, to rally and off-road vehicles. Will this hyper realistic racing simulator help Jonathon improve his lap time?


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