Man narrowly escapes being crushed in surveillance video

A man in Maine barely escaped a horrific car crash this week when an out-of-control SUV careened into his car while he was pumping gas. Joel Moran was out running errands when he stopped to fill up his tank in West Gardiner, Maine. Police told MyFox8 that the driver of the dark SUV ran a stop sign and clipped another car, causing his car to swerve wildly.

Moran turned when he heard the initial crash. That quick glance may have saved his life, as he just barely had time to jump out of the way of the speeding vehicle. Moran said he knows he's lucky to be alive. "We can sit on the couch and yell at the TV and say, 'Just get out of the way!' Well, wait until it happens to you and you'll realize it's not that easy to get out of the way," Moran told Fox 8.

Quick thinking and moving is essential in cases like these. In 2013, a runaway truck with an unconscious driver sped into a gas pump in Clarksville Tenn., causing a fireball that engulfed the truck and a nearby customer. Bystander Chris Porter was fast enough to avoid being hit and escaped the flames with his life, but suffered severe burns on nearly half of his body.

The driver of the SUV in this case was cited for blowing through the stop sign. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported in the crash.

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