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Vancouver gas pumps to warn drivers about climate change

An ordinance in North Vancouver, Canada, mandates climate change warnings on gas pumps to give people something to think about while they fill up their tank.

Hackers are attacking US gas stations

After a gas station monitoring system was hacked earlier this year, Trend Micro researchers Kyle Wilhoit and Stephen Hilt decided to take a closer look. Turns out gas monitors are never safe.

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Man narrowly escapes being crushed in surveillance video

A man in Maine barely escaped a horrific car crash this week when an out-of-control SUV careened into his car while he was pumping gas.

This Gas Pump Malfunction May Be Costing You

'Pump Jump' can add a few cents or dollars to your fuel costs

A technical snafu, called the "Pump Jump," is costing consumers. It occurs when charges are left on a gas pump, costing consumers money before they even start filling up their car.

New pump technology prevents gas theft, lets you pay after pumping [w/poll]

Depending on where you live and what gas stations you frequent, finding a pump that will let you pay after filling up is getting tougher and tougher. In an effort to curb absconders who drive off without paying, gas station owners have been forced to ratchet up security measures, leading most to go prepay only, whether that's inside the store or by swiping one's card at the pump.

EPA says outdated gas vapor recovery nozzles no longer required

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is often accused of imposing regulations that raise costs, but now it's looking to end an outdated requirement – and that could reduce costs for gas station owners.

Newest marketing ploy: selling to someone while they're buying gas

One thing that I just can't imagine wanting to do while I'm filling my tank with gas (which takes an ever increasing amount of money) would be to watch advertisements on more stuff to spend my money on. But, what do I know? I haven't spent hours and hours of time taking marketing classes or anything like that. I'm just an average Joe who is forced to value his money... 'cause I've only got so much of it!