By all indications, Renault is very serious about relaunching the Alpine sports car brand, possibly as soon as 2017. The Celebration concept is already pointing the way toward a future styling direction, and some oddly bodied test mules suggest engineering is happening in earnest, too. If you have any curiosity about why it might be worth reviving the decades-buried marque in the modern era, then you must watch the latest video from Petrolicious right now.

Jürgen Clauss has appreciated Alpines since his childhood, but he only bought his first one in the '80s. That was enough to jumpstart a passion for the models, and his garage now looks like a museum dedicated to the marque. He also apparently restores them there, but his shop looks clean enough to use as an operating room rather than a place to wrench on old sports cars.

While these are undeniably beautiful vehicles just sitting still, the real highlight here is actually getting to see and hear the Alpine A110 on the road. Petrolicious captures them beautifully, too. There's some great vintage rally footage showing them sliding around, but Clauss' cars very special cars are featured, too. The coupes pop and bang through some picturesque European hillside roads to beautifully evoke those old racing films. After watching all this, it's hard not to want Renault to nail Alpine's modern rebirth.

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