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Alpine A110 vs Alfa Romeo 4C Review | Two sports cars enter

... And only one leaves, gliding off down the highway

Alpine A110 goes rallying like the original

It's much more powerful than the production model

Alpine A110S: a hotter version of the mid-engine sports car we all want

More power plus better suspension equals an added S

More power plus better suspension equals an added S.

‘Top Gear’s’ Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan escape a burning Alpine A110

The French sports car caught fire at a Monte Carlo Rally stage.

In the end, there wasn't much left of the Alpine.

Renault opens Alpine plant, will build 6,000 per year

Brand and A110 sports car are revived after decades.

Brand and A110 sports car are revived after decades.

The Alpine A110 looks even cooler as a race car

The A110 Cup is eligible for the Alpine Europa Cup series.

It's lighter, more powerful, and all-around awesome.

The new Alpine A110 won't be sold in the United States

Alpine is focusing on Europe and Japan.

For now, launching the brand in USA is too hard.

Petrolicious meets man with a mountainous passion for Alpines

In its latest video, Petrolicious clearly shows what makes the Alpine brand so special, and lets one of these coupes sing on some European hillside roads.

Renault pits new concept vs. original Alpine A110 across the Alps

Renault has been busy having a little fun with the company's new A110-50 Concept. The automaker recently invited former rally driver Jean Ragnotti to take the futuristic machine for spin. Rangotti made a name for himself in the Renault 5 Turbo Group B by taking the gold at both the Monte

Renault confirms 400-HP Alpine concept debuting on Friday *UPDATE [w/video]

Renault has confirmed the unveiling of an Alpine concept at this weekend's Formula One Grand Prix de Monaco, but as we get closer there are new details alongisde new questions. Just yesterday came the Jonathon Ramsey

Renault Alpine A110-50 concept leaked ahead of Monaco debut

If Jesus had treated Lazarus' resurrection like Renault has treated that of its Alpine brand, Lazarus would have politely requested, "Please, leave me alone." In 2008, the Alpine'

New Stratos DOA, neo Alpine possible?

Stick a fork in it. The New Stratos is done. Reports kicking around the web have confirmed Ferrari has put the nix on any hopes of a production run. As you may recall, the New Stratos prototype was built off of the bones of a Ferrari F430. Pininfarina supplied the vehicle's carbon fiber skin, and Ferrari CEO Zach Bowman