Recharge Wrap-up: Tesla Model S oil mag, WV's EV irony [UPDATED]

Birmingham Airport Joins Electric Highway; CA Senator Wants To End Summer Blend

West Virginia, with its generous EV incentives, also has the dirtiest grid of any state in the country. Until 2013, West Virginia promoted EV adoption with a $7,500 income tax credit, but it also has more CO2 emissions per kilowatt-hour than any other state (80.8 kilograms of CO2 per million BTUs in 2011). You can thank the state's heavy reliance on coal for that. Still, as Green Car Reports points out, even an electric car charged on the dirtiest grid has a lower carbon footprint than a 30-mpg gasoline-powered vehicle. So, while a Toyota Prius might net fewer carbon emissions than an EV in West Virginia, that is not the case in most states. Read more at Green Car Reports. UPDATE: turns out, EVs in WV no longer qualify for the $7,500 credit. GCR's original post has been updated.

Birmingham Airport in the UK has joined the country's Electric Highway by installing fast-charging stations. The Electric Highway is made up of over 250 chargers across Britain powered by renewable energy, and Birmingham is the first airport to join. "The growing popularity of electric and hybrid cars means it is vital we provide the facilities that will enable our passengers to travel to and from the airport as easily as possible," says Birmingham Airport's commercial director, Jo Lloyd. "We're extremely proud to support this green form of energy and the obvious benefits it brings to the environment." Read more at Airport World.

The Tesla Model S has been featured on the cover of Alberta Oil magazine. The cover reads, "Hell On Wheels. A super-charged sports car powered by solar. Does Elon Musk's Tesla Model S signal the beginning of the end for oil?" The article features an excerpt from a book called, The Powerhouse: Inside the Invention of a Battery to Save the World, as well as an interview with author Steve Levine. Also, Motor Trend has named the Model S as one of the " 10 Greatest American Cars of All Time." The superlative praise and attention from unlikely sources is interesting, to say the least. Read more at Gas 2.

A California senator is calling for an end to the summer gasoline blend. During the summer months, the state uses a more environmentally friendly fuel blend, which happens to cost more. With supply issues, California's gas prices are above the US average. Republican Senator Ted Gaines wants to end the summer blend to rein in gas prices. "This overnight price explosion is killing California families and businesses and we cannot afford one more day," says Gaines. "The California Air Resources Board needs to immediately suspend the expensive special 'summer blend' requirement so we can import more gas now." Read more at My Mother Lode.

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