Xcar shows off Twisted's take on Land Rover Defenders

After decades of production, the Land Rover Defender doesn't have much time left on the market, and we're already seeing the company commemorate the end of the line for the superb off-roader. British tuner Twisted isn't ready to let the flame die just yet, though. The aftermarket business specializes in rebuilding Defenders into more friendly on-road machines, and its vehicles are the focus of the latest video from Xcar.

Twisted started out just boosting the power from Defenders, but over time the company began completely rebuilding them to improve the interior comfort, handling, and braking. Rows of bays are now lined with Land Rovers going through the upgrade process and more examples are on display outside. Customers can choose from a variety of parts to customize their Defender, including the option of slotting GM's LS3 V8 under the hood for a jump in horsepower.

While the reportedly more civilized Defender is on the way in a few years, Twisted doesn't have to worry about the end of line for a little while. The company recently purchased enough new examples to keep its customers satisfied for the next three years. After that, things become a little murkier, but you can see Twisted's passion in this video. Plus, the love people have for these classic Land Rovers isn't likely to disappear overnight once the latest one debuts.

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