Just a reminder, the new Mad Max game will be bonkers

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo in full swing, the video game news is coming in fast and furious. Leaning towards the latter, we have the latest trailer for Mad Max, a game that, if anything, looks to be even crazier and more extreme than the film series on which it's based.

Accompanied by the AC/DC classic Hells Bells, this trailer is big on carnage, violence, bloodshed, most of which involves bizarre, apocalyptic cars and trucks. It looks excellent. And most importantly, it looks very much like a standalone adventure, wholly independent of the latest installment in the film series, Mad Max: Fury Road. We knew this was the case, but seeing it again in such an expansive trailer reinforces our excitement.

That said, it's still difficult to tell how much of the footage we're seeing is actual gameplay footage, rendered cut scenes, or pre-renderings developed for this trailer. Regardless, color us excited for the next entry in the Mad Max series, which hits shelves September 1.

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