Xcar experiences the 2015 Mille Miglia from a Jaguar C-Type

Xcar Films has returned to the Mille Miglia this year for another trip from Brescia to Rome and back. However, unlike the last survey of the historic rally from the comfy seat of a Jaguar F-Type, it did things properly in 2015 with a first-person look at the entire event from a somewhat temperamental Jaguar C-Type. As you'd expect, you get to check out 1,000 miles of beautiful Italian roads and similarly gorgeous vintage sports cars, but the reporting here is great, too.

Alex Goy alternates between navigating and learning to drive the C-Type with its tricky gearbox over the four-day rally, and he narrates the entire video, as well. From what we can tell, participating in the Mille Miglia is essentially a license to break every law of the road imaginable. The police not only allow this to happen; they encourage it. Goy does a fantastic job of giving viewers an idea of what's it like to take part in the historic event. Being in a 50-year-old racecar for that long looks absolutely exhausting but also completely worth it.

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